the brainstorming company

made in Slovenia

Think big and bold

We specialize in analyzing, advising, implementing and optimizing business processes in small to medium size companies.


Creating an overview of current business processes and tools used to increase productivity in order to provide a snapshot of the current state.


Identify problems and present solutions by priority, with direct impact to underlying costs and productivity of the company.


Manage, lead and execute on the agreed strategy with both internal and external teams by holding to strict timeframes to provide predictable outcomes.


Iterate on feedback from stakeholders managing expectations and anticipating future needs.

The Brainstormers

We are a great combination of experience and flexibility, providing the best service in the most efficient way.

Miran Hojnik

chief brainstorming officer


Diving in

When it comes to delivering, we’re very straightforward in setting goals and meeting expectations.


  • Your goals
  • Your focus
  • Your pains


  • Implementation
  • Business realignment
  • Process update
  • Waste management


  • Expectations met
  • Opportunities found
  • Problems identified
  • Market response